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After 5 Months US Resumes H1-B Visa Applications

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After 5 Months US Resumes H1-B Visa Applications

The US officials has resume the Premium processing of H-1B Visas after the suspension of 5 Months, has been revoked, by the US Congress.

In the month of April US has suspended the work visas, US Visas are more famed among Indians.

To hire employees around the world, that would help companies in US to make work happen in some occupations they need experts from the globe for that H-1B Visa helps immigrant from different corners to work in US companies and U companies employ them.

On Sunday the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has resume the premium processing of H-1B Visa petitions

The media report said The Fiscal Year (FY) cap has been set at 65,000 and also cleared that for annual premium processing has been set at 20,000 petitions for the workers those have US higher educational degree which is nbeen restarted. It was said when petitioner apply for the premium processing service, The 15-day processing time is been taken from the side of  USCIS

And as per USCIS if the petitioner requested for the premium processing and agency for that have not met it to the  processing time them that is 15 day calendar then the premium service fee is being refunded and then process is continued

USCIS also cleared that applicants will be processed of them who had pending and as they have already got applicants for the year 2018 and new petitions won’t be taken.

Updated: March 12, 2018 — 11:38 am

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