All items will be available at new prices from October 1, many companies have raised prices of their product

All items will be available at new prices from October 1


New Delhi : On October 1, shopkeepers will not be able to sell at the old retail price i.e. MRP. The deadline for selling the old goods given by the government on September 30 is coming to an end. In this case, the new MRP goods will be sold at the shop from next month. These new prices will be based on the changes in the prices of goods after GST. It is also being informed that after September 30, if a shopkeeper sells goods at the old price, then his material will be seized.

Giving information to the media, a senior official of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs said that the possibility of extending the deadline for selling goods with the old MRP since October 1 is very little. If an importer or company applies, then it will be thought of allowing him at the ‘case-to-case’ level. The decision will also be decided by the respective officer.

However, the consumer ministry had sought information from all the states about the situation in the states regarding the sale of old goods. So that the picture can be cleared before September 30.

All items will be available at new prices from October 1

It is noteworthy that after the GST was imposed in July, the companies were given three months time to finish the old MRP. This deadline ends on September 30. With this directive, the government believed that there was enough time for the sale of old MRP goods in the market for three months.

It is being said that after implementing GST, some companies in the new MRP have increased their prices significantly. There have been many complaints in this regard so far. However, there are some companies who have reduced their content costs.

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