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Dawood’s wife runs his entire business – Iqbal Kaskar

Mumbai – Iqbal Kaskar brother of Dawood Ibrahim, who was arrested earlier, is disclosing new facts every day. According to the police, he told that he met his sister-in-law and Dawood’s wife Mehzabin in Dubai. However, according to the news agency, the police had earlier told that Dawood’s wife had come to Mumbai last year. It has also come to know that Mehzabin told Iqbal that, Dawood has been drinking too much alcohol due to which his health is poor and he is mostly ill. His complete business is taken over by his wife and brother Anees. Iqbal was in contact with them. However, the police say that we have to investigate these disclosures for their truth. Mehzabin had made Dawood talk to me.

Iqbal Kaskar has so far made 7 disclosures about Dawood

Dawood's wife

1. Dawood is addicted of alcohol and he has given the advice of dropping alcohol.

2. Dawood does not speak to his relatives in India – Due to the fear of phone tapping, Dawood does not speak to relatives and agents in India for many years. I met Dawood at some place in Dubai in 2003.

3. Dawood stays in Pakistan, Karachi.

4. He is in contact with Brother Anees – Anees also lives with Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan. Anees called him from an International number on Eid.

5. Dawood keep changing his place.

6. There is no role of Dawood in recovery business – According to Kaskar, people are running their business in Dawood’s name.

7. Mehzabin visited Dubai last year – According to the police, Iqbal has revealed that in 2016, his entire family met Dawood’s wife Mehzabin Ibrahim. Mehzabin who came to Dubai for a visit.

According to police, Some people may be arrested in next few days. In the investigation, it has also been revealed that Iqbal was in contact with shooters from Bihar. A team of Thane police went to Bihar for their arrest. It is believed that in this case more people may be arrested soon. Two cases have been registered in Thane Police against Iqbal yet.
Police and IB are also investigating whether Mehzabin came to mumbai or not. If it is true, then with which name or passport did she came to India ?

Iqbal is not helping in investigation

According to sources, Iqbal is not helping in the investigation. He is making excuses repeatedly that his memory is weak and he has high blood pressure too.
Meanwhile, another extorsion case has been registered against Iqbal and two accused arrested with him. However, Iqbal has consistently denied these allegations.

Family of Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim has four brothers and two sisters. After the Bombay blasts, Dawood fled to Pakistan with his two brothers, Anees and Noora Ibrahim Dawood. In 2007, Noora was killed in an attack in Karachi. At the same time, Anees continues to manage Dawood’s Pakistan and UAE businesses.

Dawood's wife
Dawood Ibrahim’s fourth number brother, Iqbal and his two sisters, Haseena Parker and Saida, lived in Mumbai. A bollywood film also released last week based on Haseena Parkar real story. Haseena died in a heartattack and Saida was died due to drowning in the river. While Iqbal is still living with his wife and 3 children in Mumbai.
Dawood’s wife’s name is Mahzabin Urf Zubina Zarina. Dawood has four children, one boy and three girls. Dawood’s youngest daughter has died.

  • The name of Dawood’s son Moin Ibrahim, the name of the eldest daughter is the name of Mahrukh and the younger daughter is Maharin. Dawood’s eldest daughter, Mahrukh, is married to Junaid Miandad, son of former Pakistan cricketer Javed Miandad.
  • The name of the father of Dawood Ibrahim was Ibrahim. He was a police constable in Mumbai Police.
Updated: March 12, 2018 — 11:51 am

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