Lottery Sambad 14.02.2018 | Nagaland Dear Faithful 11th Draw Result

Dear Faithful 11th Draw Result

lottery sambad today result for dear Faithful and lottery sambad 14-02-2018 lottery result available now. lottery sambad today result 03pm for dear Faithful available at website. check Nagaland state lottery result today

Dear Faithful 11th Draw Result

Nagaland Dear Faithful 11th Draw Result [14/02/2018] | Nagaland State Lottery Result Today

Nagaland Dear Faithful 11th Draw Result [14/02/2018]: Nagaland lotteries has uploaded the Nagaland state lottery result today on their official website. The lottery sambad today result 03 pm is available on this website. The table given below consists the lottery sambad 14.02.2018 result of Friday. The result of lottery sambad today of Dear Faithful has been declared today on the official website for the buyers who have purchased the lottery tickets. The candidates who have bought the Nagaland Dear Faithful 11th Draw tickets may now check their Sambad lottery Nagaland Dear Faithful 11th Draw Result through the official website.

1st Prize Rs: 26 Lakhs/-91D 07950 
Cons. Prize Rs: 9499/-07950 (REMAINING ALL SERIALS) 
2nd Prize Rs: 9000/-02873 09409 20519 21881 42823
49603 53580 61896 72917 89052 
3rd Prize Rs: 500/-0628 1120 1489 2538 4758
5314 6649 7771 8166 8346 
4th Prize Rs: 250/- 0265 0723 1909 2675 2753
3318 4949 5708 6716 6741
5th Prize Rs: 120/- 0010 0926 2174 2774 3448 4504 5680 6965 8031 9207
0091 1069 2233 2936 3706 4527 5942 6991 8188 9220
0144 1102 2269 2950 3732 4559 6101 7220 8259 9278
0267 1502 2316 3132 3900 4953 6168 7513 8628 9424
0295 1799 2413 3137 3913 4954 6480 7527 8681 9684
0380 1831 2434 3270 3951 4957 6510 7568 8776 9768
0404 1867 2462 3283 4005 4961 6513 7666 8835 9785
0678 2085 2676 3299 4071 5118 6582 7713 8956 9845
0819 2152 2683 3346 4391 5222 6613 7958 8970 9876
0868 2154 2727 3394 4413 5574 6672 8016 9175 9979

Approximately more than 90 lac tickets have been sold this week and now buyers are eagerly waiting for the lottery sambad today & lottery sambad today result. Dear Faithful lottery sambad today result 03 pm is also available on website. The lottery sambad today result 03pm for Dear Faithful for 11th draw is available for those who purchased the lottery tickets.  Buyers were eagerly waiting for the Nagaland state lottery result today since they purchased the lottery ticket. And finally, their wait is over as the Nagaland govt has uploaded the official Nagaland Dear Faithful 11th Draw Result of 14/02/2018.

Nagaland State Lottery Result Of Dear Faithful 11th Draw | Dear Faithful Lottery Sambad Result

The Nagaland State Lottery Result Of Dear Faithful 11th Draw is now available on the official website. Those who have purchased the lottery ticket may now check the result from the table given above. There are total 7 lotteries which are held each day at 11 AM every week. There are total 3 slots for the Nagaland State Lotteries where there are separate lotteries are available. Each day there is a separate lottery which is held on a specific day.

Nagaland 11:55 AM Lottery List:-

  • Nagaland Monday Morning Lottery:- Dear Loving Lottery
  • Nagaland Tuesday Morning Lottery:- Dear Sincere Lottery
  • Nagaland Wednesday Morning Lottery:- Dear Faithful Lottery
  • Nagaland Thursday Morning Lottery:- Dear Kind Lottery
  • Nagaland Friday Morning Lottery:- Dear Tender Lottery
  • Nagaland Saturday Morning Lottery:- Dear Gentle Morning Lottery
  • Nagaland Sunday Morning Lottery:- Dear Affectionate Lottery

Nagaland 04:00 Pm Lottery List:-

  • Nagaland Monday Lottery:- Dear Precious Morning Lottery
  • Nagaland Tuesday Lottery:- Dear Loved Morning Lottery
  • Nagaland Wednesday Lottery:- Dear Valuable Morning Lottery
  • Nagaland Thursday Lottery:- Dear Worthy Morning Lottery
  • Nagaland Friday Lottery:- Dear Admire Morning Lottery
  • Nagaland Saturday Lottery:- Dear Prized Morning Lottery
  • Nagaland Sunday Lottery:- Dear Respect Morning Lottery

Nagaland 8.00 PM Lottery List:-

  • Nagaland Monday 8 PM Lottery:- Dear Flamingo Lottery
  • Nagaland Tuesday 8 PM Lottery:- Dear Parrot Lottery
  • Nagaland Wednesday 8 PM Lottery:- Dear Eagle Lottery
  • Nagaland Thursday 8 PM Lottery:- Dear Falcon Lottery
  • Nagaland Friday 8 PM Lottery:- Dear Vulture Lottery
  • Nagaland Saturday 8 PM Lottery:- Dear Ostrich Lottery
  • Nagaland Sunday 8 PM Lottery:- Dear Hawk Lottery

Nagaland State Lottery Old Result | Nagaland State Lottery Sambad 03pm Result

For all types of lottery result, you may bookmark this website. Nagaland state lottery evening result and morning result are also available for the purchasers of the lottery ticket. Nagaland state lottery result today & Nagaland state lotteries today evening result was the most awaited result for the lottery. The very first draw result of lottery sambad lottery sambad for Dear Faithful was held on 06th December 2017. Nagaland lottery sambad & Nagaland state lottery today will provide the result for the upcoming lotteries also. And now the Dear Faithful 11th Draw sambad lottery result has been uploaded on the official website of Nagaland lotteries which is www lottery sambad.

Approximately, 90 lakh tickets have been sold this week for the Dear Faithful 11th Draw lottery. And buyers may now also check the lottery sambad result. The www lottery sambad have published the lottery sambad today 03pm result also for the 11th draw result of Dear Faithful for the buyers. Nagaland state lottery regularly upload the Nagaland state lottery result for the Dear Faithful Nagaland lottery. Nagaland state lottery Morning result today Nagaland state lottery sambad, Nagaland state lottery result evening and other results are also available on the official website.

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