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Important questions of Indian River system and science short tricks | General Knowledge 100 Questions

Important questions of Indian River system and science short tricks
(भारतीय नदी प्रणाली एवं विज्ञान शॉर्ट ट्रिक्स के महत्वपूर्ण सवाल)

Hello guys here we are provide for you Important questions of Indian River system and science short tricks. India’s rivers have been an important contributor to the economic and cultural development of the country since ancient times. Even today the concentration of the highest population and agriculture of the country is found in river valley areas. Most of the cities of the country had developed on the banks of rivers, and even today, almost all religious places of the country are related to some river.

S. No.  River Name Length of River (In K.M.) Place of origin Tributaries Flow area (related state)
1. Sindu River 2,880 (709) Near Mansarovar lake (Tibet) Sutlej, Vyas, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Shingar, Gilgit, Shyok Jammu and Kashmir, Leh
2. Jhelum River 720 Sheshnag Lake, Jammu:-Kashmir Kishan, Ganga, Poonch Lidar, Kaval, Sindh Jammu and Kashmir, Kashmir
3. Chenab river 1180 Near Barra’s Pass Chandrabhagam Jammu and Kashmir
4. Ravi River 725 Rohtang Pass Kangra Saho Suil Punjab
5. Vyas River 470 Rohtang Pass Tirthan, Parvati, Hurala Himachal Pradesh
6. River Ganga 2510 (2071) Gomauti near Gangotri Yamuna, Ramganga, Gomti, Bagmati, Gandak, Kosi, Son, Alaknanda, Bhagirathi, Pandar, Mandakini Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal
7. Yamuna River 1375 Yamunotri Glacier Chambal, Betwa, Ken, Tons, Giri, Kali, Sindh, Asana Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi
8. Ramganga River 690 From a glacier near Nainital Khon Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh
9. Ghaghara R. 1080 Matsatung (Nepal) glacier Sharda, Karnali, Kuvana, Rapti, Chhakiya Uttar Pradesh Bihar

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10 Ghaghara 1,080 Matsatung (Nepal) glacier
11 Gandaki River 425 Nepal Near Tibet border near Mustag Kali Gandak, Trishul, Ganges
12 Koshi River 730 Saptocyte (Gonsaidham) in Nepal Adravati, Tamur, Arun, Kosi
13 Chambal River 960 Jaanapava hill near Mau Kali Sindh, Sipta, Parvati, Banas
14 Betwa River 480 Near Ubaidullah Ganj near Bhopal
15 Son River 770 From the hills of Amarkantak Rihand, Kunhad
16 Damodar River 600 South East from Chota Nagpur Plateau Konar, Jamunia, Barakar
17 Brahmaputra River 2,880 Near Mansarovar lake (Sangpo in Tibet) Ghansiri, Kapili, Suvansiti, Manas, Lohit, Nova, Padma, Dihang
18 Mahanadi 890 Raipur near Sihava Seonath, Hasdev, Ang, Ib, Brahmani, Vaatrani
19 Vaitarna River 333 Keonar Plateau
Subarnarekha River 480 Chota Nagpur Plateau
21 Godavari River 1,450 From the hills of Nasik Pranhita, Penganga, Wardha, Wenganga, Indravati, Manjeera, Purana


22 Krishna River 1,290 Near Mahabaleshwar Koyna, Yarla, Varna, Panchganga, Dudhganga, Ghatprabha, Malprabha, Bhima, Tungprabha, Musi
23 Kaveri River 760 Brahmagiri near Kerkar  Hemavati, Lokpavana, Shimla, Bhavani, Amravati, Swarnavati
24 Narmada River 1,312 Amarkantak Peak Tawa, Lion, Sugar, Dudhi, Berna
25 Tapti River 724 From Multai (Betul) Purana, Betul, Ganjal, Gomai
26 Sabarmati River 716 Lake Jamsand (Udaipur)  Wakal, Hathamati
27 Luni River   Snake mountain  Wakal, Janaai, Bandi
28 Banas River   From Khamanaur hills  Soda, aunt, khari
29 Mahi River   From Lake Mehd  Mon, Risk, Anas, Soran
30 Hooghly River   Near the new moon  Jalangi
31 Penna River 570 Nandi durg pahadi  Paadhdani, Chitravati, Sagileru
32 Tungabhadra River   Gomantak Peak in Western Ghats  Kumudvati, Wardha, Hagi, Hind, Tunga, Bhadra
33 Mayusa River   Near asonora  Medei
34 Sabri River 418 Suikaram Hill  Siluru
35 Indravati River 531 Kalahandi, Orissa  Orange
36 Shipra River   Kaakri Baradi Hill, Indore  Chambal R.
37 Sharda Ravier 602 Milam glacier, Himalayas, Kumaunu  Ghaghara R.
38 Tawaa Ravier   Mahadev mountain, Panchamadi  Narmada R.
39 Hasdo River   Kaimur hills in Sarguja  Mahanadi
40 Kali Sindh River 416 Baglo, District Dewas, Vindhyachal Mountains  Yamuna River
41 Sindh River   Sironj, Guna District  Chambal R.
42 ken River   Vindhyachal Range  Yamuna River
43 Parvati river Vindhyachal, Madhya Pradesh  Chambal R.
44 Ghagghar R.   Kalka, Himachal Pradesh
45 Ban Ganga river 494 Baratha Hills, Jaipur  Yamuna River
46 Som river   Beecha Menada, Udaipur  Risk, Gomti, Sarni
47 Arid or Bedch R. 190 Gomunda hill, Udaipur  Banas River
48 South Pinakin 400 Chenna Keshav Hill, Karnataka
49 Southern tons 265 Tamas Kund, Kaimur Hill
50 Daman Ganga River   Western Ghats
51 Girna River   Western Ghats, Nashik

Science Short Tricks Questions And Answers 

Genes, heredity and hereditary characters have been studied under genetics. It is a science that relates to the transmission of characteristics from one generation to the next. Scientists who study genetics are called geneticists. In this quiz we will discuss questions and answers related to genetics, its rules and certain words, which will help you in various examinations.

1. The invention of the scooter Brad Shahe
2.  Petrol May :- Hydrogen and Carbon
3. X:-Rays Search :- Rontzan
4. Revolver’s inventor:-colt
5. Radar invented :- Taylor and Young
6. The inventor of the telephone:-Graham Bell
10. Dynamite inventor:-Alfred Noble
11. Television invented :- J. L. Baird
13. Which acid is in neem and orange :- citric acid
14. Onions and garlic have odor:-due to the presence of potassium in it
19. X rays are:-electromagnetic rays
20. Water is bubbling in water:-concave lens
21. Weight of some object on the Equator
22. The reason for the formation of the rainbow is the divergence
27. Depth of ocean :- measured by high meter
32. The first man to go into space :- Yuri Gagarin
34. Smallest Steps Ears
36. Which vitamin B12 contains cobalt:-
37. Anemia B12 is cured with vitamins:-
38. Routine diseases occur due to a deficiency of vitamins A
39. The body is affected by typhoid.
40. The reason for seeing the sun before sunrise :- refraction of light
41. Increases on the movement of sound when heat increases
43. Human skin color is caused by the menalin :-
45. Why bite of chitti, honeybee scorpion etc. causes irritation and itching :- due to formic acid
47. D, K Vitamin is found in sunlight:-
48. Artificial Rain:-Silver iodized car is
49. Salt vaccine :- is applied in polycystallitis
50. Water bowl :- is spherical due to friction
51. :-Thera metal is found in liquid form
52. Jaundice affects the body’s active organ
53. Vikram Sarabhai Space Center :- is at Tiruvanuram
54. Noise Shale is measured:-D
55. The sun’s light comes from Earth in about 8 minutes
56. There are 4 valves in the human heart:-
58. Where is the pyusha granthi :- on the basis of the brain
61. In trains, near the driver :- takes up
63. Convex lens is used in near sight dosage
65. :-Static car fireworks have red color
66. Save:-mealic acid is
67. Grapes are in:-tartaric acid
68. Soda water contains carbonic acid
69. White color due to firework due to barium
70. Vitamin:-soluble vitamins:-A, D, E, K
71. Soluble Vitamin:-B is C
72. Earth’s only natural satellite is: – Moon
73. Who played Gandhi’s role in the film ‘Gandhi’: – Ben Kingsley
74. Teacher’s Day is celebrated as: – December 5
75. When the atom bomb was dropped on Japan: in 1945
76. Bhankha Nangal Dam is on which river:- Sutlej
77. National flower of India is: – lotus
78. Dhanraj Pillai is related to which game: – Hockey
79. United Nations U.N.O. How many permanent members are in the Security Council: 5
80. Which Indus Civilization is now in Pakistan: – Harappa
81. The tax named Chauhath was taken by: – ​​By Maratha
82. How many watt is an horse power:- 746 watt
83. Atoms in which the number of protons is equal and the number of neutrons is different:- isotopes
84. Who discovered the neutron:- Chadwick
85. Who discovered the electron:- JJ Thomson
86. Who are the components of the atomic nucleus:- Proton electrons and neutrons
87. Who discovered the atomic nucleus:- Ernest Rutherford
89. Who was the founder of homeopathy:- honeymoon
90. What happens in the helium nucleus:- Two protons and two neutrons
91. The order of filling the cells of the atom is controlled by which principle:- By offabout theory
92. Radioactivity is measured – from the guinger counter.
93. Is it called changing water into vapor:- physics changes
94. In what form is the energy produced in water decomposition:- In the form of heat.
95. Pasteurization is related – from the dehydration of milk.
96. What is the food portion on the onion:- Stem
97. Which gas is used in the manufacture of vegetable ghee:- Hydrogen
98. What is the effect on the boiling point of the fluid due to impurities:- Increases.
99. What is the use of the technology of chromatography:- To separate the substances from a mixture.
100. What is the most commonly found element in Bhuppati:- Oxygen (46.1 percent)

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