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Government Of India : Rohingyas are at Risk of India’s security

Why Indian Goverment Wants to deport Rohingyas Refugees?

The Indian Government has said in the Supreme Court that Rohingya refugees are at Risk of India’s security. The government wants to send these refugees out of the country. This move of the Indian government is being criticized a lot.

The Supreme Court of India is hearing the challenge given to the Prime Minister’s decision that it is about sending out 40,000 Rohingya refugees living in the country. Two Rohingya people living in Delhi have challenged the Prime Minister’s decision. Both of them fled to Delhi after fleeing violence in Myanmar six years ago.


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The Indian government’s decision to send back Rohingya refugees has come at a time when Rohingya is engaged in action against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar Army and thousands of refugees are reaching Bangladesh every day to take refuge in Bangladesh. The United Nations called the action of Myanmar’s army is “eliminated ethnic”.

Rohingyas Does Not have Any Nationality

Rohingya Muslims are not given citizenship in Buddhist-majority Myanmar and they are called illegal migrants. Although Rohingya claims to have a centuries-old association with Myanmar. Some parties related to the ruling coalition of India have begun demanding the removal of Rohingya from India. Last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said that he understands the worries of the “terrorist violence” that took place in the security.


A senior lawyer representing the Indian government on Thursday said in the Supreme Court, “The government considers Rohingya people a threat to national security.” According to the lawyer, India’s intelligence agencies suspect that the leaders of Rohingya Muslims in India are in touch with terrorist organizations operating from Pakistan. The lawyer refused to disclose his name because he says that the Home Ministry of India is preparing an affidavit to file it in court and it is not ready to be finalized.

Here are the Reasons why the Narendra Modi government wants Rohingyas Refugees deported:

— The continued stay of Rohingyas, who number about 40,000 in India, has serious national security complication.

— The government has security inputs indicating links of Rohingya refugees with Pakistan’s ISI, the Islamic State and other radical groups that want to spread communal and sectarian violence in India. Rohingyas with militant background are also found to be very active in Jammu, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mewat.


— The delicate north-eastern corridor may become further destabilised in case of stridency of Rohingya militancy, which the Central government has found to be growing, if permitted to continue.

— There is also a serious circumstance of violence erupting against the Buddhists, who are Indian citizens and live in the country, by the radicalised Rohingyas.

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Updated: March 12, 2018 — 11:37 am

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