Mumbai : Heavy Rain Alert for next 24 hours, schools and colleges closed

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Heavy Rain Alert in mumbai

Mumbai : Once again, there is a heavy rain in mumbai and conditions getting worsen since last morning. The Meteorological Department (IMD) has warned of heavy rains in Mumbai and coastal Konkan area for next 48 hours. The rain has derailed the fast lifestyle of mumbai again. Due to torrential rains, water is flooded in many areas. The road has become waterlogged, whose impact is also seen on the traffic. Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport has also been closed due to rain. 

Mumbai International Airport

On the evening of Tuesday due to bad weather, visibility decreased around the airport to 250 meters. Meanwhile, a plane of SpiceJet slipped on the Mumbai airport from the runway when landing, after which the operation on the airport was stopped. With the effect, 56 aircraft have been diverted to Goa, Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad.

Heavy Rain Alert in mumbai

The roads in Mumbai have once again turned into rivers with heavy rains. Kurla of Mumbai comes in low lying areas, hence the effect of rain has got the highest effect here. Not only that, there is a lot of water filled in the streets of Andheri in Mumbai. People have to make a lot of efforts to come here. Most of the impact of rain show in places like Santa Cruz, Andheri, Kurla, Ghatkopar in Mumbai.

The effects of torrential rains also show on rail and air services. Mumbai’s Lifeline Local Train also delayed. Due to rain, air flights have also been affected.

Heavy Rain Alert in mumbai

The education minister, Vinod Tavre has issued an order to keep schools and colleges closed in Mumbai today.

Flights canceled due to heavy rains in Mumbai. Because of this, nearly 400 passengers have been trapped in the Delhi airport. These passengers rampaged at the Delhi airport.

There was heavy rains in Mumbai even a few days ago. Due to this, situation like flood happened in entire Mumbai city. Many trains and flights were delayed due to waterlogging. In order to overcome the situation, 10 teams of NDRF were deployed in Mumbai.

People from city are advised to contact the nearest police station’s control room in case of trouble or emergency.

112 – Helpline For All Emergency

108 – 24×7 Free Monsoon Helpline

1916 – Any Civic Disaster During Rainy Days

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