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Kerala State lotteries

The Kerala State of lotteries conducts lotteries every week for interested participants. The Kerala state lottery is famous among the residents of Kerala State. There are total 7 lotteries that are conducted in Kerala state. These all 7 lotteries are running in Kerala and gives high amount to winners. Everyday one of the 7 lotteries result publishes for those who buy Kerala State lotteries. Kerala lotteries makes every week one lucky person millionaire. So if you also want to try your luck then hurry up and buy Kerala state lotteries. KARUNYA, AKSHAYA, WIN WIN, STHREE SAKTHI, KARUNYA PLUS, NIRMAL and POURNAMI are the total 7 lotteries running in Kerala state. There are total 13 states where lottery is legal. Except for these states lottery is illegal in other states of India. So if you want to check your luck then go and buy one of the lottery tickets. Who knows you may become the next millionaire.

Details Of Kerala Lotteries

The Kerala lotteries are run by Kerala state government officially. The Kerala lotteries result are also published by Kerala govt at the official website. Everyday at 04:00 PM Kerala lottery results are announced. Those who buy the lottery tickets check their Kerala lottery result at 04:00 PM in evening. There are several rules and regulations that are to be followed by Kerala lottery ticket buyers. Those who wins any of the lottery prize have to surrender within 30 days of result publishing. After 30 days Prize will not be given to the candidates. Candidates may surrender with lottery ticket at the Kerala lottery result office or to the broker also.

Lottery Name

Result Day

Ticket Price

1st Prize

Last Result

Win Win LotteryMonday30/-6,500,000/-W-425
Sthree Sakthi LotteryTuesday30/-6,000,000/- SS-69
Akshaya LotteryWednesday30/-5,000,000/-AK-308
Karunya Plus LotteryThrusday30/-5,000,000/-KN-175
NIRMAL LotteryFriday30/-7,000,000/-NR-32
Karunya LotterySaturday30/-7,500,000/-KR-308
POURNAMI LotterySunday30/-6,500,000/-RN-302

————-List Of Kerala Lottery Results—————

Kerala Win Win Lottery

Win Win lottery is a weekly lottery that is conducted every Monday for those who buys the Win Win lottery ticket. Kerala lottery gives candidates chances to be a millionaire everyday. Through Win Win lottery each Monday one lucky buyer becomes millionaire. The Win Win lottery tickets costs only 30 Rs for each quantity. This is also a big reason that Win Win lottery is very popular in the Kerala state. The Win Win lottery gives Rs. 65 Lac to the first prize winner every week. Kerala State govt also earns profit from the lotteries that are running int the Kerala state. There are total 9 prizes that are distributed to the winners of Win Win lottery. Win Win lottery winners get the prize money on surrendering with the lottery ticket. The Residents of Kerala state test their luck everyday at a low cost.

Sthree Sakthi Lottery

Sthree Sakthi lottery also gives benefits to the buyers of Sthree Sakthi lottery. The Sthree Sakthi lottery costs only Rs 30 /- per ticket and can give a benefit of 60 Lac Rs from a single ticket. The Sthree Sakthi lottery is held every Tuesday for those who buys the tickets. The Sthree Sakthi lottery gives discount on purchasing tickets in bulk. Those who buys the Sthree Sakthi lottery ticket may visit this website on every Tuesday to check the latest Sthree Sakthi lottery result. On every Tuesday Sthree Sakthi lottery is drawn by the Kerala government. More than 90 lac tickets are sold every week for the Sthree Sakthi lottery. The printing of tickets and printing of No of tickets is purely decided by the Kerala state lottery govt. every week.

Kerala Akshaya Lottery

Akshaya Lottery is successful lottery that is running in the Kerala state from past few years. The Akshaya lottery gives profit of Rs. 50 Lac to one lucky buyer of Akshaya lottery. The Kerala Akshaya lottery is held every Wednesday for the purchasers of the Kerala state. More than 70 Lac tickets are sold each week for the lottery. Akshaya lottery gives a chance to become millionaire to one lucky candidate every week. On Wednesday one lucky candidate becomes millionaire for sure. if you also want to try your luck then you may also buy a ticket that will cost only 30 Rs for per ticket.

Karunya Plus Lottery

Karunya Plus lottery is a lottery that is very popular in the Kerala state. There are total 7 lotteries that are running in the Kerala state successfully. Karunya Plus is one of those 7 lotteries. And Karunya Plus lottery is one of the popular lotteries. Those who want to check the Weekly Karunya Plus lottery result may bookmark us for latest lottery results of Karunya Plus. Karunya Plus lotteries are successfully running from past few years and seems that it will run for more years. The Karunya Plus lottery gives a profit of Rs. 50 lac to the winner of first prize.

Nirmal Lottery

The Nirmal lottery is the one lottery that gives second highest prize to the winner of first prize. The Nirmal lottery opens every Friday for those who buys the Nirmal lottery ticket. If you also buy lottery ticket of Nirmal lottery then you may also check the result of Nirmal lottery every Friday from this website. The Nirmal lottery gives Rs. 70 Lac to the winner of the first prize. The candidates who wins the lottery prizes have to surrender with the lottery ticket within 30 days of result announcement. If candidates do not surrender within the 30 days then the prize will not be given to the candidates.

Karunya Lottery

Karunya Lottery is the only lottery that gives 75 lac rupees to the winner of Karunya lottery. Most of the residents of Kerala buys the Karunya Lottery because its winning prize money is highest. The Karunya lottery opens every Saturday for those who purchases the lottery. The Kerala state govt conducts all the lotteries for the residents of Kerala state and earns a profit also. Lotteries are legal in only 13 states of India. Kerala state is one of them where lottery is a legal business. Rest of the states do not run the lotteries.

Pournami Lottery

Pournami Lottery is lottery that is held every week. Pournami lottery gives profit of 50 lac rupees to the winner. Many people try their luck through the Kerala state lotteries.


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