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Malegaon Blast : Two more accused get bail

Two accused in Malegaon case granted bail

Two accused in the 2008 Malegaon blast case were granted bail on Tuesday, just a month after the key accused in case, Lt Colonel Shrikant Purohit was granted interim bail by the Supreme Court, media reports said. Sudhakar Chaturvedi and Sudhakar Dwivedi are the two accused who were granted bail by the NIA court on grounds of parity. Both accused have to provide personal bonds and securities of Rs 5 lakh each,

malegaon blast

On 21st August, a Supreme Court bench, comprising of Justices RK Agrawal and AM Sapre had set aside the Bombay High Court order which denied Purohit bail. The Supreme Court said it has imposed certain conditions on Purohit while granting bail, PTI reported. Purohit had moved the Supreme Court on 27 April, against the Bombay High Court order rejecting his bail plea in the case.malegaon blast

The Bombay High Court had on 25 April granted bail to Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, accused of plotting the blast, but rejected the bail plea of co-accused Purohit saying the charges against him were of grave nature. On 8 September 2008, seven people were killed and 125 were injured in the explosion that took place in a cemetery, adjacent to a mosque, at around 1:15 pm after Friday prayers on the holy day of Shab-e-Bara’at.

All The Details Of Malegaon Blast

The 2008 Malegaon bombings were a series of bomb blasts that took place on 8 September 2008 in Malegaon, The Maharashtra ATS (Anti-Terrorism Squad) initially blamed the bombings on the SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India), but a chargesheet filed in 2013 put the blame on the Hindu extremist group Abhinav Bharat. On 25 April 2016, the court found the initial ATS charges to be fabricated and released the nine Muslims previously arrested.

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ब्लास्ट में 6 लोग मरे गये थे

2008 में मालेगांव में हुए इस ब्लास्ट में 6 लोग मारे गये थे। ब्लास्ट के आरोपी साध्वी प्रज्ञा सिंह को बॉम्बे हाई कोर्ट ने जमानत दे दी थी। इसके बाद अभी हाल ही में कर्नल पुरोहित को भी सशर्त जमानत दे दी गयी।

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2008 में हुआ था मालेगांव ब्लास्ट

जानकारी के लिए आपको  बता दें कि, 2008 में महाराष्ट्र के मालेगांव में ब्लास्ट हुआ था। इस ब्लास्ट में 6 लोग मारे गए थे, जबकि 79 लोग गंभीर रुप से घायल हुए थे। इस मामले में दायर की गई चार्जशीट में 14 आरोपियों के नाम थे। ब्लास्ट के लिए आरडीएक्‍स देने और साजिश रचने के आरोप में साध्वी प्रज्ञा और कर्नल प्रसाद पुरोहित को गिरफ्तार कर लिया गया था।

malegaon blast

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