Mayawati Said BJP Was Planning on Murdering Me

Mayawati Allegation on BJP

Mayawati Allegation on BJP

Mayawati’s biggest allegation on BJP till now

BSP’s Leader Mayawati has set biggest allegations on BJP. Mayawati Said that the racial violence in Sabbirpur village of Saharanpur was planned to murdered me but BSP worker failed their plan.

After giving resignation from Rajya Sabha, Mayawati was addressing to an rally said that that it was intentional violence that was created on the name Maharana Pratapand also said that BJP wanted to kill me but they did n’t knew that BSP’s workers won’t let anything happen to me and BJP’s planning was failed.

Mayawati later also said In elections time they broke out the news that the EVM’s machines were modified and because of that BSP has loss. After BJP came in to government there is an increase in harassment and torture on Dalits.

BJP’s motive after racial conflict is to get dalit votes from Violent acts and also to divide the society from this. We have to be careful of all this

We have also pleaded in the supreme court. There was an  planned strategy for rising racial violence. Shed added she got to village of shabbirpur and meet up with the dalit people. There was not an permission for going by air instead we got there by roads. But BJP could n’t stop me reaching their as BJP were worried of BSP and that ‘s why they chosed an dalit for the post of president.

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