Part Time Jobs in India | Opportunity for Students to work while studying | पार्ट टाइम नौकरी छात्रों के लिए 

Part Time Jobs in India | Opportunity for Students to work while studying | पार्ट टाइम नौकरी छात्रों के लिए 

Normally, a student will looks for part time jobs for gaining an extra income for their pocket money. And this is good to do job while studying. Your mind will open up when you come into commercial world. This article will clear the idea of opportunity as a part timer. Here is a list you can choose from :

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1. Coffee Shop

About :: Many of the students are now choosing this jobs as this is the best among all.

Will get from :: Costa Coffee, Cafe Coffee Day, Barista and many more
Locations :: Nationwide branches
Timings :: Option to opt for your favorable timings such as Morning, afternoon, evening and night shifts of approx. four to six hours whichever applicable.
Applicable salary :: Rs. 6,000 to 13,000/- (As per city)

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आवेदन हेतु क्लिक करें

2. Network Marketing

About :: For person who don’t want work under a boss, then this is the best job option for you. Nowadays, there are various companies providing a platform for this kind of jobs. 

Will get from :: Ebiz, Vestige, Amway, 4 Life and many more

Locations :: Nationwide working under different teams

Timings :: No fixed timing for your workout but meeting timing is applicable according to leaders.

Applicable Salary :: Rs. 10,000 to 20,000/-. This figure is only at initial stage. Some people are earning in 6 digits. 

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आवेदन हेतु क्लिक करें

3. Home Based food making business

About :: This kind of jobs basically for the House based Woman or for one who loves to cook. 

Will get from :: Pastry Shop, Samosa Shop, Mithai Shop, Snack Shops

Locations :: Any location is preferable with local market

Timings :: According to the deals depending on your cooking skills

Applicable Salary :: Normally there is no fixed salary in this kind of jobs. It is based on the unit you have completed or given. 

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आवेदन हेतु क्लिक करें

4. Library Assistant

About :: If you have interest in books, this job is suitable for you.

Will get from :: Any Library across Nation – Private or Government

Locations :: Nationwide many libraries

Timings :: Morning, Evening, Afternoon

Applicable Salary :: Rs. 3,000 to 5,000/- (As per library)

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आवेदन हेतु क्लिक करें

5. Home Tutor

About :: Since last two decades, this job is favorable for students as a part timer. To earn and learn at the same time.

Will get from :: You can get from your neighborhood, your friends siblings and many more commercial option such as join in some coaching institutes.

Locations :: Any desirable location near your home is good.

Timings :: According to the student parent’s time. Normally in evening.

Applicable Salary :: Rs. 500 to 2,500/- per student (As per town you belong)

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आवेदन हेतु क्लिक करें

6. Event Organizer

About :: Trying your luck in this career may be good for you depending on your creative and managerial skills.

Will get from :: You can create your own company or find a suitable jobs depending on your skill from the local event organizer. 

Locations :: Nationwide Event Organizer working nowadays.

Timings :: Depending on events hosting.

Applicable Salary :: Rs. 2,000 to 8,000/- (As per organizer)

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7. Youtube Channel Partnership

About :: This is the new part time job opportunity one can choose and earn lots of money. There is no limitations.

Will get from :: Youtube Channel by Google

Locations :: Worldwide Operating

Timings :: You can work even in 2.00 A.M. in night. It means no time boundation.

Applicable Salary :: As per Youtube norms.

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आवेदन हेतु क्लिक करें

8. Receptionist 

About :: You will need to Answer calls and maintaining the front office desk to handle visitors. 

Will get from :: Any company who will in need of a receptionist. You need to check your local classified.

Locations :: Suitable or Desirable according to you

Timings :: Normally an office timing i.e. morning 10.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M.

Applicable Salary :: Rs.4,000 to 12,000/- (As per company you are in)

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आवेदन हेतु क्लिक करें

9. Dog Walker

About :: This job is suitable for the person who loves to care about pets or who know to handle pets. Your job is to take pets to a walk.

Will get from :: Any neighbour from your locality who don’t have much time to take care of their pets.

Locations :: City you belong

Timings :: Normally morning or evening timings

Applicable Salary :: Depending on work given to you. Rs. 1,500 to 2,500/- per dog.

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10. Insurance Agent

About :: The people who are well enough to convince other people and have capacity to follow up for their past work are eligible for becoming an insurance agent. 

Will get from :: LIC, HDFC Life, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance and many more

Locations :: Nationwide work opportunity

Timings :: No time boundation

Applicable Salary :: Depending upon the sum insured to people by you. Rs. 3,000 to 15,000/-

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11. Candle making

About :: A creative work for home makers.

Will get from ::  Local Candle Market

Locations :: Nationwide 

Timings :: No boundation for time

Applicable Salary :: Rs. 100 to 2,000 (Depends on unit completed)

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आवेदन हेतु क्लिक करें

12. Data Entry Jobs

About :: Over internet there are several jobs of data entry and form filling is present. You can choose from any of these.

Will get from :: Online Jobs Website, Insurance Companies

Locations :: Nationwide

Timings :: No time limit

Applicable Salary :: You will be paid according to the data you have covered. Approximately Rs. 3 to 8/- per page.

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आवेदन हेतु क्लिक करें

13. Content Writer

About :: If you have writing skills in you in any language. This job will be suitable for you.

Will get from :: Many magazine companies, newspaper and many more

Locations :: Mostly in Capital Region of any State across India

Timings :: Depend on Company norms. 

Applicable Salary :: Rs. 1,500 to 6,000/- (As per your language proficiency)

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आवेदन हेतु क्लिक करें

14. Earn while playing games

About :: This title will looks like worth laughing. But this is true that there are companies which are paying for playing their games while they are testing their games.

Will get from :: Sony, Gaming Websites

Locations :: Across India

Timings :: As you only have to play, then there must be no timing scheduled.

Applicable Salary :: Depending on the popularity of the game. Normally company pays Rs. 300 to 800/- each level you crossed.

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15. Get paid for Clicking Ads

About :: There are companies who are paying for this kind of easy jobs. You can earn while accessing over internet.

Will get from :: Internet Websites paying for Clicking Ads

Locations :: Worldwide

Timings :: No timing is applicable

Applicable Salary :: Rs.5,000 to 10,000/- per month

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16. Seller on Websites over Internet

About :: You can create your account as a seller over websites selling over internet. 

Will get from :: Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and many more

Locations :: Worldwide

Timings :: Timing is not applicable. At the delivery time it may be possible for timing issue.

Applicable Salary :: Company is not liable to pay you anything. Your product income is the source for your profit.

We have provided you with many amazing part time jobs across India with many cities covered. So choose from your favourite / desired jobs.

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