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Sikkim Dear Prized Morning 3rd Draw Result

Sikkim Dear Prized Morning Today Result :- Sikkim State Lottery Dear Prized Morning results will be declared at 11.55 AM everyday. The result of Sikkim Dear Prior Morning Lottery will be published on website and applicants can regular visit our website for Sikkim Dear Prized lottery result & latest Sikkim Dear Prized lottery result updates.The Sikkim State Lottery is run by the government of Sikkim, which also runs the biggest lottery company in India, Playwin. The Sikkim State Lottery offers daily and weekly schemes including the Sikkim Dear Scheme, Derby Scheme and Singam Great Evening draw. The Sikkim Dear Scheme gives players the opportunity to win a top prize of Rs. 61 Lacs. Draws take place daily at 16.00 IST and the price of a ticket is Rs. 13.

23rd Sept 2017 Sikkim Dear Prized Morning 3rd Draw Result Declared

Candidates can check Result of Sikkim Dear Prized Morning 3rd draw Result can use the below link. Those applicants who want to check the Sikkim State Lottery results every day, they can bookmark this website and get regular Result For Sikkim Dear Prize Morning Held On 23-09-2017. Candidates can also like our Facebook page so that Sikkim Dear Prized lottery can see the latest results of the Sikkim Dear Prized lottery Third draw Result. A new lottery result is published every day in the state of Sikkim.

This lottery makes a lucky person a millionaire every day The cost of the Sikkim Dear Prized Morning Lottery Ticket is only 13 / – per quantity. This is the reason that the residents of Sikkim are attracted to the lottery. Government of Sikkim is also making profit from lottery business. Now on This Saturday 23-09-2017 Lottery department Of Sikkim has released the Sikkim Dear Prized 3rd Draw Result. If you too have purchased a lottery ticket of Sikkim dear prized Morning and looking for the Sikkim Dear prized Morning Draw number 3 Result than you are at the right place. Official Result Of Sikkim Dear Prized lottery 3rd Draw

Lottery Result Of Sikkim Dear Prized Third Draw

If you too have purchased the Lottery Ticket and looking for the Sikkim Dear Prized Morning Draw number 3rd Result. Then this article is for you. Compare your lottery number with the the result released by Sikkim lottery Department. The Official Result Of Sikkim Dear Prized lottery is given below. compare your number with it and in case if you won then contact to your lottery agent. But in case if you don’t than try next time. Check the Official Result Of Sikkim Dear Prized Morning Today.

1st Prize

Rs 26 Lakhs/-  96H 50589

2nd Prize

Rs 9499/- 50589

3rd Prize

Rs 9000/- 06630 15511 50322 51886 56051
64080 64177 73557 76504 93735

4th Prize

Rs 500/- 0355 0768 1175 2586 3209
3577 4211 7915 8957 9502

5th Prize

Rs 250/- 0617 0757 2194 2319 3058
4724 6041 6300 7485 9567

6th Prize

Rs 120/-
0102 0817 2219 3374 3926 5154 5862 6808 7833 8964
0123 0900 2311 3376 4180 5198 5953 6916 7848 8977
0142 1066 2458 3616 4269 5256 6035 6958 7883 9033
0263 1134 2549 3638 4301 5289 6120 7305 8161 9563
0514 1393 2556 3658 4317 5407 6147 7556 8171 9597
0583 1535 2693 3666 4731 5438 6287 7702 8193 9662
0678 1677 2906 3711 4733 5548 6307 7710 8373 9695
0718 1686 2915 3845 4796 5594 6585 7737 8411 9707
0756 1757 3147 3892 4969 5763 6605 7791 8682 9735
0767 1998 3201 3910 5106 5769 6730 7823 8881 9887

Sikkim Dear Prized Lottery Amount Details

Sikkim dear prized morning lottery the prize money offers a large amount of lottery schemes is the best way to make money because if you win the lottery you will become a millionaire in just one night. Sikkim Dear Prized lottery also offers a large amount in the form of first prize if you win Sikkim Dear Prized lottery then the first prize in the form of prize money will get you Rs. 26,00,000 and if you win Sikkim’s last prize, you will get Rs 120 from the lottery.

So if your luck will help you then you have the ability to make millionaires. But for all of this you will have to buy lottery tickets of Rs. 13. Prize Money for Sikkim and Prize Category Dear Prized Morning Lottery, given below, you will get complete information from the section below.

Prize CategoryPrize money
1st Prize26,00,000
2nd Prize9,500
3rd prize9,000
4th Prize500
5th Prize250
6th Prize120

Sikkim State Lottery Result

As everyone knows, the lottery can change everyone’s life in a better way. Here particular details about Sikkim State Lottery results and Result Of Sikkim Dear Prized Morning 3rd Draw Held On 23-09-2017 are given which will be more helpful in knowing things better. Lots of Sikkim State Lottery exists, and it declares the result correctly. The only thing is that, the winner will take away the prize only for a prize. Everything is about destiny, which can not be predicted by anybody. During the outcome time, everyone will be taught that the Sikkim dear Prized Lottery 3rd draw results should be in favor of me and other people in the same way. Being one of thousands, there will be a lot of things, mainly depends on fate and self-confidence which can not exist in every person. Result Of Sikkim dear Prized lottery Draw number 3 available here.

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