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SSC CGL Examinations, Country’s One of the most prominent exam is running from 5th August 2017 to 24th August 2017.There are three shifts a day i.e. morning shift (10.00-11.00 AM), Afternoon Shift (1.15- 2.15 PM) & Evening Shift (4.15 to 5.15 PM). Over 27 lacs students have filled their form to appear in SSc CGL Tier-1 examinationsSSC-CGL.png 12 august

To give you the better idea of difficulty level of exam and questions asked, we are providing you SSC CGL Questions asked on August 16, 2017.
These details will be helpful if you are going to attempt this online test this year.

Tier-1 Exam Pattern:

As per the latest exam pattern tier-1 exam duration is reduced to 60 mins instead 75 mins last year. The nature of examination is objective which is purely online. Tier-1 contains 100 Question each of 2 marks, i.e. maximum marks are 200. Paper consists of four subjects with 25 questions each and maximum of 50 marks.

SUBJECTNo. of QuestionsMaximum Marks
General Intellegence & Reasoning2550
General Awareness & GK2550
Quantitative Aptitude2550
English Language & Comprehension 2550

Each subject has equal marks so candidates are advised to focus on each subject equally. There will 2 marks awarded for the every right answer, but 0.50 marks will be deducted for every wrong attempt i.e. exam has negative marking. Hence candidates are strictly advised not to attempt questions with doubt. Accuracy and speed will be the key to crack tier-1 examination.

SSC CGL Tier-1 Questions Asked 16th August (Morning Shift)

General Awareness

General awareness section in SSC CGL this year is no surprise for the candidates. SSC following the same pattern of Questions . Question papers are general easy to moderate level.

Morning Shift (Slot-1)Today’s morning slot’s difficulty level is easy to moderate. 17-20 is good attempt for this section in today’s paper.

Some questions asked were:

1.What does I mean in MICR? – Ink
2.“Hema Malini: Beyond the Dream Girl” is written by? – Raj kamal Mukharjee
3.Who killed Lord Saunders?- Bhagat singh & Rajguru
4.Sardar Vallabhai Patel is leader of which movement? – Bardoli Satyagrah
5.How many times a person can participate in president elections?
6.What is indifference curve?
7.Bronze is an alloy of? – Copper & Tin
8.Kudali kanya scheme launched in which state? – Arunachal Pradesh
9.SAARC summit 2016 was postponed, where was it to be held?
10.Night blindness caused due to deficiency of? – Vitamin A
11.Which hockey player was awarded Padma Shri award this year? – PR Sreejesh
12.Rail link was laid from China on 10th April 2017 to which country?
13.Right portion of heart receives what kind of blood?

14.“Quensburry Rule” related to which sport?
15.Name the largest gland in the human body? – Liver
16.Theory of Relativity given by? – Albert Einstein
17.“Quensburry Rule” related to which sport?
18.Judicial Review is taken from?
19.Hydraulic lift works on which principle?
20.Fathers of green, white and pink revolution?
21.Which of the following has the maximum difference in temperature in Day- Night?
22.At what temp. Celsius and Fahrenheit are same?
23. Lichen are found in which region?

24.Life time achievement award 2017?
25.The first super computer in the world_?

TopicNo of QuestionsLevel
Science7-8Easy Moderate
Current Affairs3-4Moderate
Total25Easy Moderate

English Comprehension 

This year SSc surprised candidates in English section. Unlike every year pre exam, SSC added direct/indirect, active passive and parajumble in tier  exam. Which is considers to be mains topics. Another surprise is that there is no comprehensive paragraph included this year.

some question asked were: 

1.Antonym – Adamant
2.Idioms & phrases -To wrangle on ass’s shadow

3.One Word – One Who Study Cancer (Oncologist)
4.Cloze test based on Indian Religion

TopicNo. of QuestionsDifficulty Level
Para jumbles2Easy-Moderate
Sentence Improvement3Easy
Error Detection3Moderate
Active/Passive Voice1Moderate
One word substitution2Difficult
Antonym/ Synonym4Difficult
Spelling check2Easy
cloze test5Moderate


This section often comes easy in SSC CGL and today’s slot 1 paper of reasoning was also easy. 18-22 can be termed as good attempts in this section for this paper.

TopicNo. of QuestionsDifficulty Level
Direction Sense TestEasy-Moderate
Non-Verbal (Image)3-4Easy
Blood Relation & Ranking1Easy
Odd one out3Easy-Moderate

Quantitative Aptitude

difficulty level of quant section in Morning shift was moderate and anywhere between 20 to 22 is good attempt in this paper.

some of the questions asked were: 

1.if x=5-2√6 then find the value of √x+1√x?
2.Marked price is 1280 and selling price is 900.find discount %?
3.Given amount after 3 yrs is 7727.104 at 12% CI.find principal?
4.If the ratio between boys and girls is 2:3 and average of their age is 18 and 21 then find the overall average?
5.If the radius of the incircle of an equilateral triangle is 10 cm.find circumradius?
6.In triangle abc, ad is bisector of a ,then ab : bc is 3:4 and the area of triangle abc is 350 then find area of triangle abd?
7.If x+ 1/x =5 ,then find the value of x-1/x?
8.If [email protected]= x + 1/4x,Find [email protected] + [email protected]?
9.If cosec A = 1/4x + x then find the value of cosec A + cot A ?
10.How many spheres of radius 1cm can be made if a hemisphere of radius 6cm is melted ?
11.If the length of incentre of an equilateral triangle is 10 cm , find the length of the circumradius of the same triangle.
12.Data Interpretation – Pie Chart (Runs scored by Pujara against various countries were given in percentage).

Data Interpretation- pie chartNo. of QuestionsDifficulty Level
Trigonometry1Moderate- Difficult
Questions on Speed of Train1Easy-Moderate
DI (Pie Chart)5Easy-Moderate
Algebra5Moderate- Difficult
SI/CI& Profit/loss5Easy-Moderate
Average & Percentage1Moderate
Time & Work1Moderate

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