17 Year Old Bengaluru Student Drowns as friends were taking selfie

Vishwas G

Vishwas G

17 Year Old Bengaluru Student Drowns as friends were taking selfie

Bengaluru : The news breakout from bengaluru when a Student named Vishwas G, National College, Jayanagar, drowned on Sunday in a pond, were his friends were taking selfies got busy. The students were gone on a picnic at  Ravagondlu Betta near Kanakapura, Ramanagara disrict. The NCC Cadets were posing for the picture and One Picture capture the boy drowning.

Protest was being made in front the college as the parents and relatives were seating with the body of vishwas against the faculty Members of in charge of the NCC Unit, Prof Girish and Sharath.

The action would be taken against the faculty if found responsible in death of 17 year old student . The police from the Kaggalipura police said that Vishwas g who was living at Hanumantha Nagar, South Bengaluru with his parents whose father was autorickshaw driver Govindaraju and mother sunanda is an homemaker , got drowned in a stepped tank of 300 Year old named kalyani, as the group of people gone for an picnic and were enjoying in waters in afternoon.

One of the students Sumanth A said that We have just finished swimming and left for the Gundanjaneya temple and that s were we feel the absence of  Vishwas, then as one of the student was seeing the pictures that were clicked noticed that Vishwas was drowning in one of the picture that was captured. and then student informed the NCC unit chief, Prof Girish, and other friends too, as the time was passed by one hour and they reached Kalyani, Vishwas was not seen.

police was call at the spot and body was found at 3:30 pm. parents reached the spot when friends alerted them. police said that Prof Girish was available at the spot, but the authorities at college claims that there was not an faculty near by students.

Police also said that they have not take taken any statement s from the students as they were in shock but would take statements later as we have already have a list of students who were at the spot and will know if there were any faculty members around.

The body was given to parents after the postmortem on Monday.

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